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Essentia since 2019 (already Il Cortile di Elisa )  has dealt with the tourist management of properties in the heart of Lucca and beyond.Every property that enters the Essentia world gains access to exclusive services oriented to the realisation of the desires of its owners and guests. Each property acquired by Essentia is the result of a careful selection that assesses its feasibility , characteristics and the corresponding demand of the tourist market.Essentia plans real two-year income development projects for each property. The aim is to create the conditions for growth in demand and the cyclical nature of bookings that are well appreciated by guests.

How we work


We design the development plan for your property's income.


If necessary, we make small improvements to make your property attractive to the tourist market.

Promoting your accomodation

We promote your property on major portals and on our advertising channels.


We directly take care of bookings, reception, cleaning and bureaucratic aspects of your property.

Our case histories


The condition of this property in the historic centre of Lucca seemed bad at first glance.What Essentia was able to see was the presence of an outdoor space, unique for the historic centre, and a set of features that if enhanced would have resulted in a quality accommodation. Essentia oversaw the entire process of the rebirth of the future 'Gelsomino' flat.The renovation we carried out saw a first 'invasive' phase, which completely changed the appearance of the property; and a second, dedicated to home staging . Essentia's intervention made it possible to highlight the flat's characteristics, which allowed us to generate an excellent turnover , thanks to a medium-high price per night. The average occupancy is around 90%!

San Leonardo

This property in the historic centre of Lucca did not need a deep renovation, but the flat was bare and unwelcoming : it would have been difficult to enhance it even through a professional al shooting. Essentia, thanks to a home staging intervention by architect Elena Ciucci , redesigned 'San Leonardo' through key details that made it possible to highlight its qualities.

The results were not long in coming, and with the season already underway, Essentia achieved significant results in terms of occupancy and profitability .

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